Company Overview

Clark Engineering Associates is a full service Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing consulting firm.  Our organization is built of team members and key personnel that bring a wealth of experience to our clients.  This experience is collectively based on not just typical consulting and design but also MEP industry related field, construction, service and manufacturing experience.  This enables our company to assist and lead on projects from inception to utilization.

…company philosophy

We are committed to the belief that our greatest assets are client relationships.  In keeping with this we strive to provide timely responses to client needs, quality designs and services, and innovative solutions to meet demanding project requirements.

Our goal is to utilize our knowledge gained from the construction industry and manufacturing industry in order to provide cost effective solutions that meet clients’ needs.

…meeting needs

Clark Engineering Associates brings to the client a varied consulting background ranging from specialized MEP systems for the technology industry to public sector work.  We always provide solid, proven design standards and practices no matter if the design criteria encompass a public school facility or a special-needs data center.  Additionally, we identify any client and end-user requirements that are project-specific and alter or develop design elements addressing those needs to provide an innovative and unique design solution.

…production capabilities

Clark maintains a standard of production and appearance for client packages and presentations through the use of specific PC software and recent generation PC systems.  AutoCAD 2013 drafting software is used to produce plans.  Additionally, we use latest versions of Microsoft Office Excel and Word software.  When acceptable, PDF (Adobe standard) format is utilized for plan production to produce interim “check sets” that can be electronically transmitted.  Industry specific software is also used to provide initial engineering data such as lighting design software and HVAC load calculation software.  This helps us in meeting a production goal of providing accurate, acceptable client packages that are easily integrated into the construction process.

…milestones met

Maintaining schedules for landmarks and final delivery always prevails throughout our production process.  To this end we actively pursue coordination with and notification of other project consultants and team members as the need arises.  It is implicit for us that we issue timely, coordinated, viable, cost effective designs and recommendations.  We view production efforts as a link in the scheduling chain that only concludes when MEP systems are successfully started up and then used by the end-user.