Thomas C. Clark

Electrical Expert Witness

Thomas C. Clark

8704 Baltusrol Drive · Flower Mound, TX  75022
PHONE (817)567-0067 · FAX (817)567-0068
CELL (214)926-7840 · EMAIL


Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) – 1972


Past Master Electrician
Cities of Ft. Worth & Dallas since 1976
State of Texas License

Professional Engineer
State of Texas (passed National exam 1979) – Reg.# 43525
State of New Mexico – Reg. # 16561
State of Oklahoma – Reg. # 24246
NCEES Registration 2004 – Reg.# 25351

Work Experience

2004 – Present  –  Clark Engineering Associates
MEP Consulting and Expert Witness

2002 – 2004  –  Director, Basharkhah Engineering – MEP Consulting
Overall MEP Design Coordination
Design Marketing

1985 – 2002  –  Owner & President, Clark Electrical Construction, Inc.
$18 million annual volume
200 electricians employed

1979 – 1985  – President & 50% Owner, Collier Electric of Ft. Worth
$10 million annual volume
165 electricians employed

1976 – 1979  –  Blackburn Electric Company
General Manager
Project Manager

1976  –  Bussman Fuse
District Engineer

1972 – 1976  –  Square D Company
Company wide training program – 7 mos.
Ft. Worth District Engineer

Typical Expert Witness Cases

Clark feels his expertise lies in construction claims cases and equipment claims cases.  He is reasonably versed in construction law and issues surrounding contractor and subcontractor relations.  Having worked for an equipment manufacturer and having been a subcontractor, general contractor and developer; Clark is highly knowledgeable regarding all phase of the building process and issues that can arise from equipment claims.

Vela Electrical vs. JDS, General Contractor:

This case was a construction claim case in which the plaintiff Vela was sueing for withheld payments from the general contractor, JDS.  The case involved several projects that ran concurrently and dealt with labor issues, scheduling, out of sequence work progress and change order claims among others.  Clark represented Vela, the electrical contractor.

Walker Engineering, Austin Commercial and Insurance Company-St. Paul; re: Southwestern Medical:

This case involved a large busduct installation performed by Walker Engineering, contracted by Austin Commercial.  The new installation of busduct had gotten wet when a pipe broke and flooded an upper floor resulting in the vertical run of busway becoming wet.  Clark was hired by the insurance company to test the busduct and provide a complete report as the usability of the busway.  Our opinion was to determine if the busway would have to be replaced.

Premier Electric vs. Thos. S. Byrne, General Contractor:

This case involved damages for delay and refusal to pay proposed change orders after the work was ordered by the general contractor.  The work on the Fire Station being constructed was stopped by the owner when the building was found to be placed in the wrong location.  Premier Electric sued for delay damages and unpaid change orders.  Clark represented Premier.

Zurich American Insurance Co. vs. Mobil Crane Service:

The case involved a housing building for an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system being furnished and set in operation by the contractor, Mobil Crane Service.  During construction, the crane lifting the unit tipped and set the unit down hard.  The owner argued that the unit had to be damaged and wanted replacement.  The contractor and his insurance company felt the unit was not damaged.  Clark was hired to test the unit and determine if it still operated within specifications and issue a report regarding the unit.

Sulphur Springs ISD vs. Electric Inc., et al

This case involved moisture in the building caused by a variety of issues. Water leaked into the crawl space from various sources and all parties involved in construction were called to task. Clark was hired to investigate what involvement Electric Inc had in regard to system operations and the moisture issue.

Zurich American Insurance Co. vs. Skyline Trucking Service

At the Duke Wind Generator Farm in West Texas, a major line-up of high voltage switchgear was damaged by a truck backing up into the gear. Clark was called in to testify to the extent of the damage and how much the replacement cost should be.